Reviews for "BrolyOrders"

Clean drawing...I liked the voice acting too.

Aw shit! I better subscribe!

Shoulda been chocolate milk

This artist did a great job on this video. This video was funny and creative. The story line could have gone, but i see and understand what you were trying to deliver in this video. This video was great to watch. Please continue more work like this.

okay, but Broly... I have played Xenosaga, and witnessed the glory of chaos and the UMN. LOLZ.

hey, Beaver... this is awesome, but ORDERS implies he hasn't ordered yet.. unless I'm doing that aspie thing I do some times... why did you choose ORDERS? I can't quite correlate the context of the video, except that Broly is in a restaurant, having ALREADY ordered...? do you see my confusion? but that's minor. This was short, sweet, and funny! thank you for making it.