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Reviews for "Monster Next Door"

I know you're probablly demonstrating your animation skills, but it seemed a bit long winded. Cute tho. Voices/ amount of emotiong/volume seem a bit off. But good job!

RocketheadAnimation responds:

thank you! :)

The video didn't upload in its entirety I think... But the animation was SUPERB.

RocketheadAnimation responds:

yah.. T.T i think its fixed now, pls watch it again if u got the time.

OMG how do you do that animation that looks SOOO like you did it with Pixar Animation Studios!!!
You have such good animation skills it's like you used CGI software do make it!!!

RocketheadAnimation responds:

woah.. thank you for the kind words. :)

Well, the art style is unique and it was done well, but it leaves much to be desired as in the monster gang criminals and it just ended so abruptly that i didn't know it was the ending. It could've been a animated more smoothly as well. This is just me but your main character annoyed me... so much... he seemed extremely desperate... annoyingly so. But it was good.

I feel as though I've heard this story before, but I don't think it was done quite the same way. Actually I think I've heard this story many times before, the bait and switch the plot routine. HAHA, but no, this is a well done cartoon with astutely gratifying graphics.