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Reviews for "Monster Next Door"

EXQUISITE! Anyone into humorous stuff will love.

I really enjoyed this. Much more pleasent and happy themed than one normally sees.
The good morals and whatnot at the end was especially nice at the end.
The animation quality and the audio, along with the cartoony shorts, were done very well.

RocketheadAnimation responds:

thanks! :D

This is really beautiful!

This was very beautiful, it made me feel something, so I guess that is mission accomplished. I really loved the 2D/3D transitions, they were awesomely done, pure quality. If I had an advice for you it would be that the 3D animation could be smoother, but I understand that that is a technical problem, that could be solved with better hardware for rendering, I guess. But nonetheless, great work, keep it up.

Some of the 3D seemed a bit clunky, not sure if that was intentional. But I thought the 2D segments had an insanely cool style, much cooler than the 3D. Just my opinion.

RocketheadAnimation responds:

haha yah, our team is not really strong in 3D animation. But we're trying our best, in hoping at least it'll deliver the message we want to send. The only reason we use 3D is because it's part of the university's requirement. ty