Reviews for "Vatican Quest"

It's funny in a dark way - but really not all that much of a game. I'm not Catholic, but I have good friends who are and we're all looking forward to Francis I ... hoping he can straighten some of the bad shit the church has done and covered up for far too many years now.

Graphics and music were decent. Playability: the difficulty curve moves up too fast.

Simple and funny but only for a few minutes as it does get repeptitive easily

Yeah I kinda wish you guys put more levels in at least rather then just dump random looking reporters. But still it's a game where you deliver boys to the priest what else do you need?

... We're going to hell, aren't we? *resigned face*

Kenney responds:

Only if you believe there is something like a hell, so no, I'm not going anywhere.

I'm not even Catholic (I'm atheist), but I think this is taking the joke a little too far. In good conscience, I can't give you a good score for this. You get the 1 star only because everything else about the game is solid.

Kenney responds:

Alright, you're entitled to your opinion. I think it's cool you gave 1 star for the game itself, thanks!

The game play, music, controls and animation are all fine, but the content is horrible and offensive. For that reason I am giving it 1/5