Reviews for "Vatican Quest"

Your sprite work is classy. I like to begin on a positive.

Seriously, though? We're still rehashing this joke in 2013? As much as I hate to throw any credit to the goddamn communists at Molleindustria, this isn't doing anything Operation Pedopriest didn't do with more wit. You're way, way too late to the subject to be topical and your treatment isn't nearly edgy enough to get away with it.

It's funny in a dark way - but really not all that much of a game. I'm not Catholic, but I have good friends who are and we're all looking forward to Francis I ... hoping he can straighten some of the bad shit the church has done and covered up for far too many years now.

Graphics and music were decent. Playability: the difficulty curve moves up too fast.

Simple and funny but only for a few minutes as it does get repeptitive easily

Yeah I kinda wish you guys put more levels in at least rather then just dump random looking reporters. But still it's a game where you deliver boys to the priest what else do you need?

It's different. Probably a bit offensive to some?

Good for a minute or so. Needs a final goal or some type of replayability

A very 'touching' game. No doubt based on the personal life of the author.
It is a good silly game intended only to offend people, not a real game be to taken seriously, it has good graphics and good controls, but is repetitive and boring with no real objectives.
The author is clearly talented and I'd like to see him put his talent into making a game more like "Lary and the Gnomes", perhaps detailing his full experience with the church.