Reviews for "Vatican Quest"

Meh, I failed. Speaking of the game itself and its mechanics, it's all very simplistic and minimalist. One task only, a couple of obstacles to avoid, that's it. I expected a bit more of depth, maybe by adding more goals to the formula or simply making the game a bit more varied in content. It was probably intended as a satire (as I like to think it was), but the product itself leaves much to desire in mediocrity. On the good side, graphics are enjoyable and the sound design is quite fitting, though repetitive in the long term.

Kenney responds:

True, but due to time constraints I couldn't add more features. Glad you still liked it though!

Other than the possible threats you might get now, I found it quite amusing. The game play was pretty good. There is one thing that I personally would like to see in the next one (if you make a next one), or in an updated version, is that if you run out of time, it counts as a life, not a game over.

its a funny idea but not really worth playing for more than a minute

So putting religion and politics aside, the game is pretty fun. I also really liked the music. It got pretty challenging after awhile. I think the only improvement I'd look for is medals and achievements.

It's different. Probably a bit offensive to some?

Good for a minute or so. Needs a final goal or some type of replayability