Reviews for "Vatican Quest"

A very 'touching' game. No doubt based on the personal life of the author.
It is a good silly game intended only to offend people, not a real game be to taken seriously, it has good graphics and good controls, but is repetitive and boring with no real objectives.
The author is clearly talented and I'd like to see him put his talent into making a game more like "Lary and the Gnomes", perhaps detailing his full experience with the church.

This game is stupid, you compile the grounds cook your feces, the pope is not a joke, he is the messenger of God, you dirty perverted

Kenney responds:

So, how does he contact God exactly?

XD XD, damn media always snooping where they shouldn't

I'm not even Catholic and I think this is inappropriate. Culpability of clergy aside, a game in which the object is to snag and deliver little boys to pedophiles (implied or delivered with a wink and a nudge) is revolting. I enjoy fun games, good satire and clever commentary, but this is neither of those. It just turns my stomach.

Kenney responds:

Actually, the game doesn't ever mention pedophilia. It's what you make of it, you dirty perv.

wtf oh dear god please tell me the pope is sending those children to the priests to be converted not play hide the magic pickle