Reviews for "Vatican Quest"

lol that was funny

Anything is on limits when it comes to jokes. TonytheGamerDad just needs to lighten up and realize that this game is inherently funny. I do however agree that it is very simplistic and needs more. The attacks should be faster and stronger and there of coarse should be an upgrade system.

Whether the creator of the game admits it or not this game is about the inappropriate actions some members of the church commit. There are very few subject one does not joke about and pedophilia is one of them. If you played the role of the reporters, perhaps then the game would at least have a small sliver of the satire he was going for. Storyline aside, this game is very basic and repetitive. It isn't worth the time it took to make. 0 out of 5.

This game brought back some very fond memories. Thanks for making it.

i want to play game again to scare