Reviews for "Vatican Quest"

From a gameplay perspective, it would've been nice to have more levels and abilities, but seeing earlier responses to reviews, I can see that there wasn't much time. It isn't a bad game at all; I'd love to see an upgraded version of it soon, personally.

From a moral perspective, I now have another reason why I'm getting that lakeside estate right by the Lake of Fire in Hell. Its actually pretty cozy; the view is amazing.

Kenney responds:

Hah, well see you there! :)

don't get the point of giving the game bad ratings?
is it blaspheme or just a little siko truth out there.

The game itself is okay, doesnt really need effort to get played but the idea is good.
keep up the work.

Kenney responds:


... We're going to hell, aren't we? *resigned face*

Kenney responds:

Only if you believe there is something like a hell, so no, I'm not going anywhere.

I liked the message. I mean, i don't believe all popes and chatolics in the leadership of the church are that way. But i liked it anyway.

But it's not funny, and the game is boring like hell.
2.5 for the effort. The music is good at least.

Kenney responds:

Boring like hell? I see what you did there.

I love how you can knock down the trees and wreck your Papamobil. That was super fun. I found it to be pretty annoying that when hitting enemies, they don't get pushed back. It felt like there wasn't really much impact on them.

Kenney responds:

Yep, was quite happy how those details worked out. Hm, you're right on the impact - should work on that in the future. Thanks for your review.