Reviews for "Vatican Quest"

OK, great game, great concept, BUT the randomness of the boys spawning to the cardinals spawning sometimes didn't allow enough time to get them there by the time the timer ran out. Good games are never impossible.

LOL at the religious nuts on these comments...
And you're right, offence is taken, not given.
people saying this game is "taking the joke a little too far" don't know how far is "far". and who said it was a joke?

anyway, excellent game. didn't try so hard so i could only get 7k points. at first, i was amazed at how fast a 60+ year old can run and jump lmfao. but this is a game, so it won't matter.

The controls are good, but I find myself mashing the z button everytime i see a reporter, trying to kill them as fast as I can xD.
I find the sound to be a little off-balance, the walking and jump effects are really quiet, and then the music blasts through.
It's a cute looking game, albiet controversial, and reminds me of old "miniclip" games. Good job.

Other than the possible threats you might get now, I found it quite amusing. The game play was pretty good. There is one thing that I personally would like to see in the next one (if you make a next one), or in an updated version, is that if you run out of time, it counts as a life, not a game over.

It seems like it could be expanded on in the gameplay department, but the graphics and concept are certainly there