Reviews for "Vatican Quest"

This is a pretty accurate portrayal of what the Catholic clergy is like, just a few suggestions to make it more realistic though:

1. Allow the player to collect gold coins/chalices/chandeliers/etc. to increase their score, doubling their point value when sick and starving children are present

2. Every once in a while have a Sex Health Campaign truck appear on the stage, which the player must intercept before they can distribute condoms. Delaying and destroying these trucks helps fill your "African AIDS" meter (which is powered by the souls of those who die from AIDS). Once your character absorbs enough souls and his AIDS meter is completely filled, he enters into Holy Spirit mode where he is invulnerable to all damage for a period of time.

3. Make the game so women arent allowed to play

Kenney responds:

Hah, oh geez, these are great suggestions. Makes me consider another game based around the whole catholic church...

It was fun, unfortunately it is the kind of games that you only play once.

this is a serious issue but lmao

very funny xDDD

Excellent timing. Right when Pope Francis gets elected