Reviews for "Vatican Quest"

The game was a nice simple fun time. Not much complexity to it, but not every game needs to be overly complex to be enjoyed.

As for the whinny comments, kindly get the hell over it. Nobody cares if your ass-hurt feelings got hurt. Why live life making every issue even more depressing? This game is a good joke.

The premise is hilarious, pretty fun too. I enjoyed it man. Well done.

I like the idea but I hate games that have no "ending"

You'd think that the pope has the kids delivered to him instead of the other way round. No wonder this last geezer retired...

Love it, fuck the haters, their anger should be directed at the atrocities of the Vatican not your silly game. It's not like you made this shit up. Game play was simple but fun, graphics and music are 8 bit obviously but good. 3.5/5