Reviews for "Vatican Quest"

Incredibly simple design and straightforward controls. Humorously topical, topical varies from person to person but I still see it as a controversial topic that has yet to be adequately addressed and you captured it quite well. Enjoyable 8bit soundtrack, but it did wear thin after a while and the game itself doesn't have much in terms of replay value.

Very good game though, wholly fun for the couple of times I played it. Probably would be a good time killer to come back to in the future.

Suprisingly addicing. I got 32000 points... I think that's about the best I'll do lol.

Your sprite work is classy. I like to begin on a positive.

Seriously, though? We're still rehashing this joke in 2013? As much as I hate to throw any credit to the goddamn communists at Molleindustria, this isn't doing anything Operation Pedopriest didn't do with more wit. You're way, way too late to the subject to be topical and your treatment isn't nearly edgy enough to get away with it.

Overall, the game is pretty simple but easily enjoyable. If only you had enough time to add more things to it...
Honestly, why am I not surprised people are actually getting so upset over this? This is why we can't have nice things! There is far more important things in the world to be worrying about aside from some game making a small joke?
It's not like the game is promoting this type of behavior in people. :/

This idea of game is very nice but I wish it had a storyline and more ways for combat