Reviews for "Vatican Quest"

honestly how is dissing catholic scum offensive these days after all the awful things they have done any follower should be ashamed, its more offensive that they have followers still, tho i hate the pope and the entire catholic organization, its still a flawed game,dont get me wrong its ok and reminds me of early nintendo games but it is way to easy and just gets boring really fast, all in all i think more time spent would of resulted in a better game, but not bad in the end just nothing special,

Good idea and good graphics. The rest is quiet fun and entertaining for a while. All in all, an nice flash release. I hope to see more creative ideas from you.

Haha, cool. The music is actually good too.

Repetitive and little redeeming value, but in good humor.

Making fun of a man who dresses up like a clown and acts like Gacy is important. Thank you.

People shouldn't take it too seriously. =)

This game has nothing but repetitive gameplay and its only catch is the offfensive theme. F*cking great!