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Reviews for "CycloManiacs Epic"

Alright this game is awful, same repetitive gameplay every level, if it was made more happy wheels style it would be better, cut down on charectors by half and improve the gameplay by A LOT.

turboNuke responds:

OK, I'll follow your decisions, oh master of game design.

same like jamesuber,when i want to play it shows a white screen

I think I can speak for billions of users of newgrounds. We don't care if you change a little bit the title of your games, adding a cool word like "epic". The problem is that your games of bicycle are always the same. No change, no shame! And with no shame we give you a nice 0/10

turboNuke responds:

Yet if we change too much, the 100s of millions of people who like the series get upset. Can't please everyone, but we have to go with the majority.

Limiting the game for 11.3 or above makes it so Linux users can't play because Adobe has stopped development for the Linux operating system. This makes the flash game unplayable on about 5% of all desktop computers.

turboNuke responds:

Adobe have stopped supporting Linux, but that doesn't mean that Flash isn't supported on Linux!

This is what I was told:

If youâEUTMre playing under linux, you need Flash player 11.3 or above.
Adobe donâEUTMt provide Flash 11.3 for Linux, but it works on Google Chrome (not Chromium). As a linux user (Debian/Ubuntu/Fedora/OpenSuse), you can download the .deb/.rpm package from google.com and simply install (if you are not allergic to proprietary software).

Doesn't work, my flash player is 11.4 or something.