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Reviews for "CycloManiacs Epic"

After a round or two of this, I gave it a score of 4, but it should have been higher. I found the balance of this game to be prefect! Some of the older Cyclomaniac games were flashy, to be sure, but didn't seem to feel right. Instead of flashy things to pick up, it accentuates the real force behind the game: racing! Still crave medals, but this old chestnut still has the stuff!

Play this game a while before you vote... it has soo much to offer that you don't see right off the bat.
Killing zombies, running for your life from a giant godzilla. Going over a rainbow to OZ then passing through the poppies before heading back to Kansas, and MUCH MUCH MORE!
This GAME is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think the score was lowed down by zero voters. The game is really great and fun!

epic game dude!Have u played the first ame yet?

At first i dont see why you got all the bad reviews of people saying you copied the original. Thats kinda stupid considering every sequel is based off of the original. I think the game is fun and entertaining :P