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Reviews for "CycloManiacs Epic"

I love this game when i was a kid
Cleary people who rate this low never played CycloManiacs before
If you said "This should be more happy wheel like"
Then after they made like happy wheel
You will said "Omg happy wheel copy so suck"
For me
This game is time killer game

turboNuke responds:

Haha, great comment! :)

Doesn't work, my flash player is 11.4 or something.

Alright this game is awful, same repetitive gameplay every level, if it was made more happy wheels style it would be better, cut down on charectors by half and improve the gameplay by A LOT.

turboNuke responds:

OK, I'll follow your decisions, oh master of game design.

This has got to be one of the most boring racing games I've ever played, it's homogenous and repetitive, each level is functionally the same as the last, and the character design is boring. The feel of the game is sluggish and frustrating. All in all, one star for the amount of characters, but really that's the only good thing about this game.

The good ol' Cyclomaniacs... I love it. Just this: The WAHHHHHH SFX when you die is TERRIBLE lol. Sorry, it just bursts my ears make it a little... nicer next time. Overal good game 4.5!