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Reviews for "CycloManiacs Epic"

It's good, but I really miss the minigames that you could do in your crib in the last game...

Fun game, not too complicated :)

Great game but how do I "invert"?

I wasn't convinced at first. I thought part 2 looked better, and it had more riders (Wèèèh, I miss my Terminal!), plus this count down annoys me more. But other things have improved. I like the new style crashing. It's still frustrating to do, but doesn't have to be a raceloser nearly as often. The boost is nicely balanced, noticible, but not overpowered. There is some fun variety in levels and environments. I'm still a but devided on the selection of riders, with the second page being so much better than the first. Getting better equipment is good, but why not for instance get every rider his second and stronger bike later on? I finished the game, and I like it a lot, it's just that I liked part 2 even better. So I guess I'm still not convinced. And yes, I can say that with a straight face while giving 4.5 stars.

cyclomaniacs is a great series, you did a fine job. i don't understand why people are all like "oh its so repetitive waaah", if you want something that keeps you on the edge of your seat or whatever, go play madness. this is a racing game. you're supposed to race. fucking idiots.

great game dude, keep em coming.

the next person that complains about how repetitive the game is , is going to get their limp dick cut off.