Reviews for "Epic Battle Fantasy 4"

I was so impatient to see this game, finally!

after beating 3 and 4 on epic i can say 3 had a more balanced difficulty maybe due to the level cap. I found myself overly prepared for each boss even though i was the right lv for it. I never used the new character except for her limit from time to time, i think it was due to everyone having access to all the elements pretty easily. The length and time it took to beat it seemed perfect and with new game plus even more time to waste. It was a welcome addition but story and some gameplay tweaks might be needed in 5 since epic felt more like hard. I know this seems negative but you know that if i spent 30 plus hours i loved the game and would gladly pay for 5 and so on.

Only problem is I put in 5 hours and when I came back to my game and loaded it up my characters has disappeared from the game map and I cant go anywhere.

I love this latest installment, especially how you can level individual stats more easily. There's only two, tiny nitpicky details I can think of that might be worth changing:

1. Buying/selling items is a little tedious to select the number you want. It becomes especially bad if you have 348 clumps of dirt in your inventory.

2. If you're not paying attention and you eat the chocolate cornet, you won't be able to complete all the NPC sidequests, since they don't seem to be dropped by anything and can't be purchased.

This is my favorite flash game ever. I'm impressed by the variety of skills, items, and enemies. Awesome combat, animations, story and world too. I hope to see this on steam soon!