Reviews for "Epic Battle Fantasy 4"

I was playing LoL and D.3 and honestly i just found something more addictive and better than both of them. This is a favorite, the only thing i wish was better was the loading time.

Well this game lasts more than actual pc/console games and plus its very fun and enjoyable

As opposed to what TheAdventMaster two or three posts down says, this is a a quality game. I think people keep liking it because...get ready for this...you ready? Its a mind blower...ITS A GOOD GAME.

You not liking it does not equal poor quality.

An absolutely top-notch RPG. Good in so many ways that I don't think there's enough room to cover it all, so I'll focus on one thing. :) The way the battles are initiated is spot on. It makes me look back at all the other JRPGs I've played (a lot) and wonder how I put up with the bullshit of the random encounter. Fight when I want to fight, travel when I want to travel. It sounds simple, but it's really rare.

Well, I had over ten hours on here, then my dad wiped the history, cookies etc. I just have to ask, would it be possible to have it run like Pokemon Tower defense where I would have to make an account, but everything is perfectly safe and I can retrieve my stuff from any computer as soon as I log in? Would this make it too difficult for you? Please reply. Freaking Awesome game though =) 5 stars all the way!