Reviews for "Epic Battle Fantasy 4"

f*ck this piece of sh*t game i was on the 5th wave of the last boss and i got raped...amazing game though, ive played through it many times, but ive never been able to beat the final boss. If ive been able to play this game again and again this many times(without getting bored) then youre doing something right. My only problem with the game is the waste chemical plant. that area seems a little dragged out, but it really isnt a big deal. hope to see more soon


Definitely the best so far, does buying the extra stuff on Kongregate also end up on here or just there? Might be buying the Steam version as well.....

In any case I love it and I look forward to the fifth one. :) (I know I've been rough before but I DO love this RPG series, think you could delete my other reviews so I can do it anew?)

Balanced and fun, this is surely one of the best flash RPGs out there.

It sucks that this isn't the updated version with content such as the Wooly Mammooth miniboss though.

Thanks a lot, I was going to go to church today, now I have to stay home and play with this.