Reviews for "Epic Battle Fantasy 4"

Balanced and fun, this is surely one of the best flash RPGs out there.

It sucks that this isn't the updated version with content such as the Wooly Mammooth miniboss though.

Thanks a lot, I was going to go to church today, now I have to stay home and play with this.

Presenting:lance the nazi matt the shield whit life natalie the waifu of all and anna the girl whitout boyfriend


Another great game from Matt. Though I will admit, though I can't put my finger on why, I do find EBF3 more fun but, this is still a great game. The best version is the steam version. All the features of the normal one but with offline play. Great game excellent balance, never at one point did I really feel like that I was under power but, I did feel at times over power but not horrorably over power. It was more so evident near the end. I did like how after you beat the game you get to choose what you bring over in newgame+, like lvl, items, ect. So if you want to you can have full power equipment and skills but be lvl 1.

These game series are probably the best game on the whole Newgrounds. I simply enjoy playing it. Art and story are just amazing. I love it.

Can't wait for 5th part xx