Reviews for "Epic Battle Fantasy 4"

I love the game it's very addicting. The music is nice and the animations all run smoothly. The only problem I had was figuring out where everything was but other than that it's a great game.

the game is great but is not updated, 2 bosses are missing and there are enemies that are not even in the game so I give 3.5 stars

This is one of the few games I get the urge to just play again and again. I love just about everything about it. Can't wait for 5

I played for a while and from what i've seen, it's OK.
Having the menu in the bottom is kinda awkward. Plus sometimes the screen has to much sometimes
But otherwise, this is good

Haven't played this game in forever, but I still absolutely love everything about it! Love seeing heart and effort being put into games that reflect how far someone has come along their way!