Reviews for "Epic Battle Fantasy 4"

This is simply addicting.
The moment I started playing, my hands are glued to the pc, I couldn't stop playing.
5 stars for the effort you placed in making this game. It's just simply brilliant.

my only comment I think is that there should be a more elaborate tutorial than this (for those who only played EBF4, like me) cause I am kinda lost in a lot of things and only learn them in the later part of the gaem

This game is HUGE! It took me around 20 hours to reach the last boss and find most items while playing on hard. It's also fun and challenging, which came as no surprise. Nice work!
The music isn't as good. I mean it's still great, but it didn't blow my mind like the music in EBF3 did.
EBF3 gave an explanation as to why everyone starts off low level. This game doesn't.
There are like five tentacle rape jokes. Haha yes I get it already.

Found a bug tho... its the poison jellyfish, he only uses poison but is still affected by poison by 80% against him, thats not right... i think

Well, I had over ten hours on here, then my dad wiped the history, cookies etc. I just have to ask, would it be possible to have it run like Pokemon Tower defense where I would have to make an account, but everything is perfectly safe and I can retrieve my stuff from any computer as soon as I log in? Would this make it too difficult for you? Please reply. Freaking Awesome game though =) 5 stars all the way!

Lance is back YES! Man I love his character and looks. I always make him my MVP. Pretty much he's the man. He saved my ass so many times with using snipe and high accuracy and evade food. Seriously I beat 3 black dragons only with him and the Preatorian too. And that ''nazi costume'' with the cross badge, epic. Also the game is way more funnier if you make him the party leader, he is so funny dense on the whole situation hahaha XD Just his face when you walk around the world with him as leader! Priceless! Fuck, for Lance im full homo.