Reviews for "Epic Battle Fantasy 4"

The game looks amazing, has beautiful soundtrack, and a nice story.


A short review after about 10h of gaming (of course not all the time at once):
- Interesting dialogs, much humor inside, quite modern language
- The fighting system is mostly balanced, if you know how to skill it becomes easy (unless you play on epic)
- Graphics as always: Kind of cool, not high end, you know what I mean.
- The story is "okay" for me, could be even more detailed or deeper
- Addiction risk is really high, especially in the beginning -> in the end it gets a little lame mostly because the enemies are somehow similar, even if they look different
- Nice easter eggs, very easy to navigate and understand

For me, this is (as a free to play game) a very good RPG-game. I strongly recommend to play it.

So many medals... :>

Gg, just started... 5/5

Good game, it's one of the best.