Reviews for "Epic Battle Fantasy 4"

Would rate infinite stars if i could lol I didn't want to kill the cute slimes.

The game is very nice, as the others, but those Paper-designed cutscene suck alot, the EBF 3 cuntscene were much better.

The best game i ever played so far , it gets really hard in the temple. the music is so nicely done , the story so far is interesting and cool , this game kinda kills the time and boredom , i can't wait for the 5th part i saw the new stuff in your website so far i can judge it gotta be awesome af , I'm one of your biggest fans and really enjoy your games !

(small tip to ppl who can't defeat godcat : you need holy and dark resistance and weapons , use dark spells in the creator holy resistance needed here , use holy spells on the destroyer dark resistance needed here)

This game is very well done and they took their time making the new things that I wasn't expecting such as very new weapons and bosses. The art style of the background and enemies were really cool. However the game can get hard as BALLS at some parts, which I very much like because the third one was easy. Overall, this is something that I would remember.

cannot describe how good this game is.