Reviews for "Most Beautiful Teen"

I Guess it look Not Good

I Pick 2 EXP Cause you make Disturb Selfie Voice

Very professional animation, lots of talent there. The audio is great, very high production value all around. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is the story/scriptwriting could be better if you want to actually find a real audience and make some money. Still, some of the best on this site. Something to be proud of.

Beautiful. Just beautiful.
Coincidentally like most of the contestants.

The animation was very charming, and the art style very lovely to look at. The voice acting was also wonderful. The comedy was just pure joy as well. And the best part is that all these elements blended with each other perfectly.
Overall, I've quite enjoyed this!! Good work!!

The uselessness of these people is properly represented to the fullest. Not too bad.