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Reviews for "Monster in the Closet!"

Only reason why I didnt give this 5 stars is because you made me snort my coffee through my nose. Shame on you, its hot coffee..

funymony responds:

Utley learned Scald! *pokemon joke*

*laugh* I've done that before.
;u; Just wait, one day you'll be eating noodles or carrots and it'll take forever to get them out of your nose.

Almost a year old and how it floated back up is a mystery. You really need to revisit these concepts sir. I mean no ill will, I really do think Pedrito never sleeps should have been necro'd instead of this one.

You need to pull out those stop motion skills and revisit these please.

funymony responds:

I will! :D

I have an idea in mind.
I'll have to create a stop motion stand though. ): I was using the one at the Museum I worked at.
I would stop by the D.I. and buy some toys, then cook up some cartoons on the spot. :D!

lol, retarded, but still lol

funymony responds:

;) Thanks, mang.


funymony responds:

>8D AWESOME. Pain enducing laughter is the best.

buenos tiempos del robot chiken que me recordaste

funymony responds:

True that. Me recuerdo cuando primero estrenado el pilot. Autentico y chistoso.

Mi espaƱol esta cuebrado. ):