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Reviews for "A small talk"

Wow, now this was a damn good game! You never disappoint scriptwelder. I loved the presentation you gave it and the different mysteries the game had to offer. One thing that does turn me off about text games is the lack of understanding of words or phrases you try to give the game, and I'll admit even this had it's troubles in that department. However if you use your brain you can figure out the solutions pretty quickly. I believe a prequel would do this game fine. Speaking of which, the story is absolutely brilliant, I loved it and sadly I can't say much about what I liked without spoiling the game. All in all this was a very good game.

|| Cheers ||
*Great Artwork
*Great Animation
*Great Sound
*Superb Music
*Masterful Story
*Great Controls
*Great Gameplay

|| Jeers ||

This game was awesome, although I also want more choice in the dialogue. Keep at it, and maybe make the game a little longer. I'd love to know more about that AI. Poor guy...

This game is short, sweet, and brilliant. Expand on the concept, and I'll gladly play more.

lol ask for porn LOL

Depressing, but I did make my choice. No one should die alone.

truly a great game, but I agree with the person who mentioned the third ending