Reviews for "ZTV News Extra:Skullgirls"

Horrible voice acting, lame corny ass jokes, and the animation was just stale a shit. Just some stupid bitch sitting in a chair and turning her head.

And Skullgirls is a Dumbass game. Nothing but a 2-D version of the DOA. "Just show alot of panties and stupid muther fuckers will buy it lololololol!"

Zone. Such a comical writer! I LOVE EVERYTHING THEY MAKE!

Its funny here are more stars x) up on newgrounds, fuck every hater of zonetan t(* ^ w ^ t*)

Even if its not an actual episode, its a wonderful short ad for someone else. I still rate high for Zone-Tan

for all people complaining about how its just an ad, remember, its not meant to be an actual episode, just a quick short to help others out... the animation was as good as always and the voice acting hasnt changed a bit... cant wait for the next one :)