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Reviews for "Oddball: Barrels"

wonderful, as usual

The greatest movies are about the most random ideas, lmao. Great animation, great idea, and some awesome transitions too, like the day - night, moving from front to top-down view, etc, there's plenty of creative movement in the animation. Funky ending twist too, great work!


Kreid responds:

Thankya, there's a few things that I wanted to test out in this one like light and as you say, the movement transitions. Preparing myself for something biiiig!

I find it annoying how whenever barrels are present Pewdiepie fans go apeshit.
Lovely cartoon.

Kreid responds:


A watched plot never barrels.

Kreid responds:

A barrel barrel barrel barrel

A flop? This animation? Not at all! It was great, from the voice acting to the syncing to the animation to the little bits like the facial features.