Reviews for "Oddball: Barrels"

wonderful, as usual

The greatest movies are about the most random ideas, lmao. Great animation, great idea, and some awesome transitions too, like the day - night, moving from front to top-down view, etc, there's plenty of creative movement in the animation. Funky ending twist too, great work!


Kreid responds:

Thankya, there's a few things that I wanted to test out in this one like light and as you say, the movement transitions. Preparing myself for something biiiig!

I find it annoying how whenever barrels are present Pewdiepie fans go apeshit.
Lovely cartoon.

Kreid responds:


A flop? This animation? Not at all! It was great, from the voice acting to the syncing to the animation to the little bits like the facial features.

Love how it built itself around a familiar oddity from old cartoons. You always know that the slightly lighter bush is hiding the big dog, or the different-coloured plank is going to fall off the fence. Something boring happening to the barrels is a predictable joke, but it manages to be unpredictable by adding a second typical outcome; something amazing happens to the barrels as soon as he stops looking at them.