Reviews for "Matchmaker"

I love the music and the animation is very well done. If you ever do decide to make something out of this, I would love to see it.

Makes me want to play FF-IX for some reason. Dig it.

so mysteerrious

some great techniques used in this. Will look forward to seeing more.

Something about encouraging love and harmony in a hard and oppressive steam-punk society where it's currently "every person for themselves". The main character does his best to show that life can be better by bringing likely candidates together and helping them fall in love through manipulation and encouragement though he seems to have less luck with his own life and can't get his true feelings out to his friend whom he's secretly gay for (either that or "she" doesn't look very feminine). (that last bit just makes for more drama and gives some classic suspense and plot twists room to grow.) Mean while, the dictator guy is trying to keep everyone divided and tired and sends his minion to stop this influx of happiness and unity that has suddenly cropped up in a small, somewhat rural town a short distance away from his big mega gear city.

Decent art, confusing jumble of imagery, fitting music,... and I have a soft spot for steampunk and other unconventional technologically alternate realities.