Reviews for "Matchmaker"

Guess? Alright I'll give it a try.
It's the industrial revolution and many people are drawn to the cities by the promise of wealth and jobs, especially in the growing matchmaking industry. Unfortunately the poor working conditions and sanitation problems in London at the time aid in the spread of disease and a plague like epidemic sweeps through the city. (Perhaps the disease is similar to Phossy Jaw?)
The main character, the son of a poor matchmaker (the boy in the video), witnesses the decline of the city and it really hits home when his parents are infected. Now he must travel across an industrialized (steampunk perhaps?) England with only his close friend (the girl) to help him in his search for a cure for his sick family and, by extension, the rest of the city. It's a race against time before his parents, his city, and perhaps his entire nation succumbs to the disease.

Anyway, the art is nice, I like the water-color like colors and the characters all look unique and expressive. The animation is nice and smooth. The entire thing works together very nicely. The only thing that annoyed me was the constantly shifting outlines of the characters. But I understand that this is just a concept animation more than anything.

I love the music and the animation is very well done. If you ever do decide to make something out of this, I would love to see it.

The stlye is unique, you have great animation, and a suprising use of grim on the characters.

The only problem I have with this is that their is no direction. What was the point of the animation? I understand that you don't know what to have done with the idea, and I can relate to having an idea and putting it into flash.

But you can still do something with this series, maybe not now, but in the future it's still possible. And if you do something in this universe, some grand adventure of sorts, what are we to make of this flash?

I still think you did a good job though.

That was oddly....beautiful, and relaxing. Great work!

Great animation,but i dont get what's happening.