Reviews for "Matchmaker"

Really enjoyed the drawing style and the animations. Even if it doesn't have a plot, it's good for the aesthetic quality.

That's beautiful! Great combination of music and artwork, and I like the realistic style of animation, that makes it seem like it's almost hand drawn at times. The fireflies in the sky are especially nice, anything with fireflies is guranteed to be atmospheric, maybe because it reminds me of a great movie. Nice work!


I thought this was going to be some funny "match making" dating short or something. This however exceeded my expectations. Bravo to you! I hope you can complete your work; i'll be waiting for it!

To me it feels like it would be about rebels of the industrial revolution and the resistance that they would face even from their friends and family. I really think you should follow through even if thats not the plot :P love the art style and music, plz make more like this

the music matches the animation exaclty