Reviews for "Matchmaker"


looks like it would have been a fantastic story and animation style.

hope you are able to pick it up and make something complete out of it someday.

I loved the Art stile and the concept of what you wish to create, i will fully support on the idea of creating this as much as i can, because i see so much from this. 5/5 for the little trailer and musice, 5/5 for the drawing and animation, and 5/5 for being all around well made thought out and drawn.

don't waste time and go for it, for people will back you up on this idea.

I like this... and yknow what .. im going to finally learn how to draw... im going to stop this video and start sketching your characters and mabye someday ill be able to draw my own.... i hope you dont mind me stealing your artstyle and if you had a specific book or whatever you learned how to draw from id be happy to pick that up as well

I have the same thing, that I have a nice idea, but it takes too much time to complete it (on my own), but at least you have the skills. Would've made a great film if there were more of you, or if you had infinite time.