Reviews for "Matchmaker"

Get your ass on work, we want to see your movie in the coming months.

I loved that.

Roll, cut, print. I think you should pursue this thing.

I loved the Art stile and the concept of what you wish to create, i will fully support on the idea of creating this as much as i can, because i see so much from this. 5/5 for the little trailer and musice, 5/5 for the drawing and animation, and 5/5 for being all around well made thought out and drawn.

don't waste time and go for it, for people will back you up on this idea.

some great techniques used in this. Will look forward to seeing more.

That's beautiful! Great combination of music and artwork, and I like the realistic style of animation, that makes it seem like it's almost hand drawn at times. The fireflies in the sky are especially nice, anything with fireflies is guranteed to be atmospheric, maybe because it reminds me of a great movie. Nice work!