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Reviews for "Autumn Melancholy"

Fun and very interesting..

Ahhh such melancholy ... lyck

I loved the music and the art was good

It was cool... The genre is repeatable, but people play games like this for relax with some mind exercise I think, so it's not a bad thing. I just think some things should have some tiny hints, like the puzzle with turning letters by specified angles having some image of rotating arrow in the background... I automatically thought of IP :) Some things were also hard to find, like hidden switches in sides of things or the crate at the top left side of a bathroom, but I guess it's the beauty of the genre :) What I dislike about genre, is that walkthroughs are rather videos then text, not allowing the reader to think for themselves with hints, but rather showing things without explanation. Well, about this particular game, graphics were "standard CGI room escape graphics", flowers looked kinda bad, they'd could be carefully photoshoped instead of rendered poorly. Also, the clock on a pic shows 4:45, but the clock has to be set at 5:45... Otherwise, nice, enjoyable game :)

Not bad, I only needed a walkthrough at the end since having to put the pieces where they needed to be put was very obscure. I like your games but they all feel the same, maybe try some variation in scenery or layout? Just some friendly advice, otherwise it was a nice game. Pretty good puzzle use though I can see where some people would get caught. I hope you don't make it too easy because mainly the difficulty of the puzzles is what keeps these games interesting. Good luck.