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Reviews for "Opinion is FACT"

This is so stupid it's funny as hell XD

kinda weird but lol brings out a good point some people are so self centered thinks the world revolves around them and they know all lol. I had a cat once and cats are annoying at times but cute at other times, well the annoying part outweighed he cuteness factor so I had to kill my cat lol ....naw I am kidding I could never harm a cat even if it pooped on my favorite shirt lol

one time my aunt had a chihuaua and he pretty much shed fur all over her BLACK LEATHER COUCH. It didn't bother me or my aunt at all, but for my mom, who had pet allergies, it was a living nightmare. Eventually, my mom stopped coming over to her house, and I ended up taking the bus and the subway just to reach her place. Sheesh.
Little trip down memory lane aside, I think this was really cute, with the way you guys were talking; it's just the way I see couples talking to each other, crazy as that sounds.

'no shes not.' "pewt" made me laugh xD his voice is really annoying though

Interesting voice work, wasn't sure about it, but I think it'd grow on me