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Reviews for "Opinion is FACT"

This was great. The voice actor of the guy reminded me of Emo Phillips a little bit.

This was a good animation. It had a nice funny little plot, great style, and it was pretty smooth, which was very nice. However, the voice acting in this one seemed... slow. it was clear, and of good quality, but it was very slow and seemed overall out of place with the animation itself. Other than that, it was very good, and I quite enjoyed it.

I liked the animation, well done.

@VinnitoElito You have hilariously missed the point.

that was pretty good, and that had to be the tinyest tuna ever lol

Wow, I really liked this! I love this kind of art style and the voices were good. I think the male voice was slurred a WEE bit too much though. I definitely have to check some of your other stuff out now!