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Reviews for "Turnament"

The description of this game sounded interesting, so I thought I'd give it a try, just for a few minutes...I ended up not able to stop until it was over. I really like the battles against large groups of enemies. It reminded me a bit of chess with the different patterns you have to account for. A nice concept that is executed very well.

I do wish that the challenge level was a little higher. There were a few parts of the game that gave me pause, but not for very long. Some of it may be because of the short length; just when it was really starting to get interesting (like that giant battle right at the end) the game was over. I hope that you're considering making a sequel or a level pack or something.

hard, as, fuck, and just as fun

Very good, very clever and better than I expected. I love turn-based puzzles.

Another Classic. :3

asome, this is the android game!!!