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Reviews for "Turnament"

hard, as, fuck, and just as fun

Nitrome hasn't been very surprising lately. Several months ago I re-discovered one of their games I used to play on my childhood -now forgotten- and it was, in fact, quite disappointing, compared to my great flashbacks of it, and ever since, every new Nitrome Game was too elaborate, and never really hooked my entertainment up again.
When I opened this, and saw it was another Nitrome's, I wanted to closed it. If I wasn't obsessed with retro-puzzles, I would have, but I wanted to give it a try.

There's no way to know if your data is being saved, so you can leave and come back later,
Music is good (if not great)
No instructions (probably due to it's classical roots... I mean, this reminded me of those old games I never understood how to play, in which monsters moved in turns similar to this ones. The point is that as I never understood those, neither did I these, until I realized all by myself, during I don't know which floor. Maybe it has nothing to do with those old games I referred above -shall I repeat I never played those?- and it just was you fancying not writing them, honestly I don't remember how you often develop your games.) Maybe this "No Instructions" part is the one I, personally, enjoyed the most... Deducing rules by myself was quite challenging and fun. And that's one of the main pros of this game: it never lost entertainment or interest, it wasn't too long, neither too easy.
Graphic design is awesome, except for the spiders that in some moments, it was too confusing, so one couldn't really see in which direction they were jumping; and glowing eyes, impossible to see if they're glowing or not if the character is in his backs to the player.
I'm glad I came across this game, and don't regret at all playing it from top to the end, including the bonus floor and etc, at once.
I highly recommend it, nevertheless I still don't like some of your games, so keep up good work.
Congratulations for such a result here. A lot of talent can be appreciated behind this game.

The description of this game sounded interesting, so I thought I'd give it a try, just for a few minutes...I ended up not able to stop until it was over. I really like the battles against large groups of enemies. It reminded me a bit of chess with the different patterns you have to account for. A nice concept that is executed very well.

I do wish that the challenge level was a little higher. There were a few parts of the game that gave me pause, but not for very long. Some of it may be because of the short length; just when it was really starting to get interesting (like that giant battle right at the end) the game was over. I hope that you're considering making a sequel or a level pack or something.

too easy.

At first I thought this might be an "ok" game but then I saw it was made by nitrome and knew it was amazing. I wasn't wrong. Great job as usual nitrome. And, by the way, I voted for your game Flightless on Steam Greenlight. :)