Reviews for "_lockout"

this is quite fun and tricky :) well done

jicking responds:

good thing you didnt rage quit,did you made it on the end?

Thank you for playing _lockout :)

Funny ending!^^

jicking responds:

now you got my point on the ending

thank you for playing :)

good game.... im guessing the secret award is completing the game with less than a certain amount of deaths or no deaths at all....

jicking responds:

thanks for playing lockout

I love it!!
Nice game, a little frustrating sometimes, but I really wanted to know what happened with Anna so I kept trying until the end, althougth I still cant figure it out what to do to unluck the secret medal.
Oh and actully I liked the graphics (the part where you die and everything goes pixel).
Ps: Forgive my english if I write something wrong, Its not my native language.

Good game. kept me entertained a while xD.
I would love to see whats the secret medal is about.
Any hinters? or is it that you dont have to die the whole game? Because that seems pretty impossible or hard.
Good work with this game.