Reviews for "Cleansing"

An excellent piece of art!
It takes a lot of patience to finish all the achievements (although the smaller ones seem very unnecessary), but it is very entertaining to herd the people around and hunt down these nasty
blob-things. I especially appreciate the whole presentation of the game: The music and the graphics create a n impression of melancholia, and through the whole play, the game just felt strangely macabre, even when just killing the blobs. But it is also very frustrating to finish nearly all the stages without even hurting a sheep, just to have one of this retarded townspeople running in your way out of nowhere. Maybe a bit more utility would have been a great addition to the gameplay;
Like, for example, a howl, that keeps animals and people at distance for a moment, or a brief moment, in which you can cancel your attack. If you plan to remake it ANOTHER time in the future, you should consider some kind of watchmen, who go after you when you make to much ruckus, so you are forced to hide yourself, if you want to complete the game without harming people.
Overall, I love this game, but that seems to be the case with most games, which have their origins in the ludum dare. I guess it's because these games can not often rely on a story based on dialogues, which often leads an extraordinary well designed gameplay.

"A creature comes across a town in the night.
An unknown entity weighs down on the unaware sheep.
A choice needs to be made"
Like most, if not all, I at first expected to play this game like the Big Bad Wolf:
a monster that comes to a village when it is dark, preying on the lifestock, pressing on them, approaching them. The question is "to eat, or not to eat?" "It seems necessary - I choose to eat."
So I relentlessly mauled and slaughtered sheep, supposing that the beast was hunting;
but then there was a farmer walking about... "Should I - must I devour this hapless man? Must I take his life, and mindessly eat away at all in my way?"
Why? Why? Why?"-"It is clear, I NEED to do this, that's why." There seemed to be no other way than to continue the slaughter, and as such I went on till the end. "Cries were heard in the night."
I finished the game and it left me with a feeling of senselessness and unfulfillment.
So I started over. "a CHOICE needs to be made." "What can I choose? What can I do but let the beast eat the sheep, to let the predator consume its prey?"
As I went on I noticed blobs appearing, seemingly at random. "What are those? Maybe I need to eat them as well? Yes, I won't let them escape! .....Or.... Maybe,... maybe that is the REAL purpose, my aim is to end those unsightly specks, at all costs."
So I shifted from destroying sheep and people, to destroying all beings, not letting a single blob escape. Then I changed my thinking: "what if those blobs are the real problem, I can leave the sheep alive, save the villagers?" I decided to only bite them, to get the parasites out of the hosts I would be the needle that vaccinates them. But I noticed that moving about could be equally effective. I was deemed "reckless".
After that I chose to scare the blobs out of the living, a choice that was easier made than lived up to; but I succeeded at it.
Over all this game plays with appearances and our judgement thereof, offering a situation and letting us act instinctively. It suggests different views and options to solve a threat if we choose to try again. These suggestions become clearer and more evident with every new attempt at liberating the town. We're left with choices and results that fit those choices: we're confronted with a seemingly hard reality, that softens somewhat afterwards. And if you don't give up you can reach your goal.
The music befits the setting, threatening and melancholic; it won't get repetitive for those busy enough with saving the town trying not to harm non-blobs.
The art is simple, yet this functions as a suggestive element, not making it too clear what things are and as such having us decide what we need to do (and if we indeed need to do so).
Yes, the townspeople move quite erratic, as do many creatures in real life when threatened.
It made it harder for those in a hasty attempt at solving, but if you choose to be careful and take your time this is not a problem. The gameplay was rewarding, in fact the gameplay was about rewarding certain deeds in a certain way in itself.
All in all, I rate this game 5/5; I don't see any big errors, I see a game that succeeds in what it tries to be and do: to play with our choices and how we engage settings.
For those who want the "survivors" medal I can add that the description seems to suggest something impossible, and if you read it as it is, it indeed is impossible. But I found it helpful to read it with interpunction that is not there, but could be there: you'll figure it out.
It's more enjoyable to discover how appearances can be misleading and what things really mean.
(I have no idea what to do with the secret medal, but I'll figure something out!)

Havnt gotten the ending yet but i think the secret medal is for the last screen where you have to get to the end of the maze before it cuts out. its possible just havnt done it yet

"I do not wish to harm anyone... The humans fear me, when all I want is the evil blue essence that lives inside them... Yet, I can only access such a terrible gelatinous evil, by striking fear into the hearts of the innocent..."

I love this game, it's amazing, I-I mean, the why, the slimes, the sheep, it's all, just so great.
5 stars!

Good game :D
But wait a minute...your goal is to kill everyone or scare the shit out of them untill a tear comes out of theyre eye.....and then you eat the tear???!!!
I just dont get it xD