Reviews for "Cleansing"

How come i keep getting game overs even though I let people live?

aeveis responds:

Thanks for playing! The game is meant to be very punishing. This is something I'll think about more in the future in terms of player expectations. Thanks for your feedback.

don't kill anyone, live in peace, you can only scary the animals and the people, and then, destroy their wheighs, there's a cutscene in the end, you can only see the cutscene if you DON'T KILL SOMEONE
i will not say what happen because i wasn't want spoiler =)
i dislike just a litle because there's no much gameplay but the soundtrack and the litle playable tracks are really creepy, this game have haunted my dreams

You, dear sir, made an excellent attempt at this game - as it actually made some of the players THINK about some things.

Loved it. The atmosphere, design and music is great. Medals were mostly easy in my opinion ( to be honest i had to check the comments for the secret medal though).
But please for the love of my ability to fall asleep tell me the meaning behind the game. I suck at interpreting stuff and would love the meaning of it. Seems pretty deep to me, too deep for me to understand (I really hope that there is more meaning behind the story than "you're a badass wolf-demon on fire and have to either kill slimes or humans and sheep").
Thanks in advance :*

aeveis responds:

This is a 2 year late response, and this may have been mentioned in the comments.
It is easy to do evil and you have to actively work against it to do good, regardless of fear and slander directed towards you.

This game is very awesome.
To achieve ”Clean” was the hardest mission.
And I felt kind of uneasy when ”WHY” appeared on my screen...
Good job!
Rating: 5
Vote: 5