Reviews for "Cleansing"

awesome game, should be a little long. Anyway i enjoyed, and thx for making the game:D
P.s.: the dragon reminds me of a burning deathwing :P

I really enjoyed your game. The art was great, I'm a sucker for good pixel art. I like the design of the monster you play. Very hell houndish. The music was haunting. The simple concepts were surprisingly emotion evoking for such a simple little flash game. See towns folk run around screaming was emotional as you read what they were screaming, especially the children. Pretty interesting game. I actually liked it enough to make it into my Let's Play video for today. I'm trying to do a flash game every Friday.

I'm ScrollsAdventures on youtube, if you'd like to see how I played your game.

I haven't tried any of your other games yet, but from reading the description, I might do a blind play of Controlling, and put that up as next Friday's video. If its as interesting as this one, I'm sure it'll be a good choice. It sounds interesting at least.

good games

love it, i do enjoy a lizard causing choas

i really love this game like the last commeter who said "like a violent love letter" it is exetermly addicting