Reviews for "Cleansing"

ok how to achieve the last secret medal i have no idea
i know is a "secret" medal but the name "evening stroll"... doesnt bring much information
anyway great game, emotional, good concept, lots of potential, only the medal part is fucked up
complete the game without killing or hurting other than slimes is challenging but fun
good thing they fixed the AI so kids wont suddenly ran into you again
overall amazing, 4.5 stars

You, dear sir, made an excellent attempt at this game - as it actually made some of the players THINK about some things.

I really enjoyed this game. At first, all I did was kill everyone and then I realized that I was just supposed to eat the tears.

Awesome game,was fun,but short. Did not really have that much fun,because it was over before i was satisfied about the amount of people i devoured.