Reviews for "Cleansing"

This is a pretty good ludum dare game. The reason I didn't place it at a five though is that the storyline could use some more explaining as well as the first, third, and secret medals and the good ending wasn't so different from the half-good ending BUT did require much more skill to complete. This game was pretty nicely put together in mood and decision making, though. A sequel or prequel would be nice to either add on to the fun or explain the plot better. But what the heck does Evening Stroll mean?

This game forced me to actually use my brain and care about what I was making the main character do. I feel like this is an accurate, if simplistic, representation of conflict resolution. It's easy to be destructive, difficult to be helpful, and even more difficult to keep yourself out of a conflict completely. I appreciate that the vague endings, characters, and plot leave a lot of room for interpretation. Even after unlocking all of the medals there's still value in replaying. Thank you for the good game.

I can not figure out the 3rd and secret medals, however I found this game fun and addicting :3

First things first. The complaints about how it's super-difficult to draw the unknown beings (They aren't called the unaware; the 'unaware' part is referring to the creatures' state. They clearly can't see the parasites) out are completely unfounded. The parasites move much slower than the humans, so all you need to do is scare them out, then move into the crowd and watch them all run away. After that, just deal with the parasites. I completed it on my first run without harming a single person.
Unfortunately, no, the name of the last badge does not give it away.
Great game; I really hope to see more of the story behind it, though. It could also have used some better writing.

Very well done for what it is.

(The name of the last medal is a giveaway; not sure why people are having trouble figuring it out. >_> )