Reviews for "Cleansing"

It's been years since I've last played it, and I've gotten most of the endings.

It haunts me to this day, and I wish I could write or create something that truly pays homage to its rather unique message. It touched me and put the weight of my decisions firmly upon ME.

My one question, and for the love of all that is good and holy, please answer it straight.

How the hell do you get the final secret medal? I see all the hints, but there appears to be no physical way to leave the people and sheep TOTALLY unaware of your presence, which I assume is the point. I can't make any decisions at all, really, since the first sheep in the game is literally impossible to break out of his little fence and still leave him unharmed.

It could be that YOU are the weight of the unaware, but your secret medal makes no such idea clear.

So humble a guy who comes back here every so often to reinforce the message; how do you accomplish the impossible?

aeveis responds:

Try attacking the "gates"

I just need to know how the hell get the last medal? such a good game, good graphics and music.

aeveis responds:

The last medal involves not affecting anyone at all. It works against a general assumption people make about what is destructible.

Glad you enjoyed the game!

this game is a test of patience

Aah I'm way too impatient to properly reach the goal of this game. Controls were a bit too clunky as well for my tastes. Anyway, I went with a total genocide/sheepicide. We'll just have to see that as collateral damage.

The game's story is nice , but I wish it was longer and the plot was also longer , keeping the citizens and the lambs were HARD af cuz they were like rambling around. Nice game though.