Reviews for "Splitman 2"

Interesting game. Always nice to see something a bit more original. The first level had me thinking "Time to hit the X button already" so in the future, with such a simple game. you might as well jump straight into level 2.

The controls could use a little work

Decent game, cool idea. Annoying how laggy the controls are though.

nice concept, however the many problems make playing a terrible experience

the controls are absolutely horrid, sometimes the character refuses to jump,
the controls sometimes get stuck, meaning the character will move left or right without any input from my, the player

the jumps are FAR too floaty.

all these combined make a bad playing experience. clean up the controls, and it'll be a great game

Seriously addicting and entertaining! Quality graphics and upbeat music! I appreciate your work! You should put some enemies in there too! Maybe you should add more controls and options for the clones in the next Splitman (wait, follow, attack...)

Dedicate more of your time to the game's description. It could help a lot! The medals are okay, but you should include a ton more!

An incredible game for all ages! Five star and favorite! Keep up the good work!