Reviews for "Splitman 2"

wat a gratest games......but it so hard

There's too much lag. The box in lvl. 18 glitched a few times for me. It's a nice concept though and very fun


This is up there with the best platform puzzlers. I've played a lot of them. It has a SEGA games feal to it that took me back in time.

All the levels are entertaining and challenging. There aren't any levels where you can't think you're way through the course but it still challenging to get through. That I think, is a quality stamp.

Controls are perfect. Design is good and has that oldschool console game vibe to it that the older audience will nostalgy about.

The music I actually liked but got really tired of it after some levels. I realize im asking for a lot but why not have different tunes for each level. Starting with slow soft tunes for easy levels and dynamic scary tunes for harder levels. If not maybe a longer tune before it loops.

Thank you very much for sharing this. Great game.

Really fun, as some complain about the slow jumping, it just seemed epic 6 million $$ man to me.
Tho I was gonna give 4.5 but Lv 30 really irritated, not by being puzzly ,but just so fincky that it seemed out of line with the rest of the game.

Very good. I didn't have any problems with the controls like some people here seem to be, I thoroughly enjoyed every part of this game. Some of the levels can be tough, but never hard enough to frustrate. I was hoping for a more climatic ending, at least a boss battle would be nice, although I'm sure if I recognized the other characters in the second ending I would be more excited.