Reviews for "Splitman 2"

this look like that game having 1000 cheaps game in one console starring one majin boo and the final boss Vyle... but the game are great

this game can be played isnt that bad though

not bad... 3 1/2 though.. who agrees?

While the game wasn't very rewarding in itself, I still had a fun time playing this. I guess it was just really cool to play a game where you had to die in order to advance. Well, you had to get injured is what I mean. I think the main character is supposed to be some sort of devil thing. Whatever it is, the graphics are very well done. There are just so many different ways you can split yourself.

It's a unique gaming experience in that sense. I appreciate all the little details. I like how the saws get destroyed when you use them (the black ones at least). I don't recall playing the original version. I probably did at one time and just forgot about it.

Seriously I got a lot of glitches...