Reviews for "Splitman 2"

Some levels are frustratingly impossible - but the idea is great.
It's fun and counter intuitive to hop unto rotating saw-blades.
Nice design and good looking levels - one quibble however:
It would be lovely to be able to turn off the music, but keep the in-game sounds on.

finished 100%. none of them were really THAT hard, except the one chip you have to travel through the wall for. a unique feature to only a single level? comon.
otherwise, pretty fun. level 30 however was exceptionally difficult. unneccessarily difficult, but i suppose it is the last stage and all.

if this had good replayability, i can easily see myself playing this again. .. if

Was difficult but a really great game!

Don't listen to fruitberryboy. He sucks at video games apparently. Got all 25 chips without the walkthrough and got second ending. It was a nice challenge but it wasn't so hard that I wanted to throw my controller across the room. Graphics were really good. Could probably use a little more story explanation, but that's a minor gripe.

Great game, but I would like to have seen an actual ending for going through the bonus levels.